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55G Marineland emperor 400 power filter, dosing EI w/ weekly water changes.
Compressed Co2 with aquamedic 1000 reactor
2 28W T5 running from 1:00-11:00 pm (10 hours).
Co2 comes on at 11:00 am and goes off at 10:00 pm.
My kh is 3.35 deg or 60 ppm.
At 10:00 pm last night my ph was 6.8 and at 6:15 am this morning it was 7.8.

Is it normal for ph to swing 1 deg over night? I read that with a low kh your ph will shift more drastically. I also read that power filters bleed the Co2 out of my water faster than a canister filter would. I am just worried its stressing out the fish.

I have some algae... BBA, green, hair... Its not too bad, like its not killing my plants but I have been trying to keep my Co2 levels at max so I can try to keep it too a minimum and promote plant growth. I also have amano shrimp, otos, cory cats and a pleco that all seem to use the algae as a food source. So I am kind of trying to balance between beautiful healthy looking plants and minimal algae growth. I just don't want to kill my fish.

Just trying to find out if those parameters are normal and within the scope of what other people see.
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