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It all started two years ago...I was just a typical 6th grader, on summer vacation, suffering from summer boredom disease (although it beats going to school by far). One day, I asked my parents for a pet. Of course, I loved cats, so I asked for one. They said no. A dog was out of the picture since no one could walk it. We've had birds before, and they POOP. A LOT. No hamsters or guinea pigs either. Finally, my mom compromised with fish. And that is when I got hooked.

And here I am today. Definitely not a normal kid. In fact I only go out of my house when I work out, do SAT prep class, and to throw cash into the bottomless pit that is this hobby. Over the course of these two years, I've had some ups and downs with the aquarium business, but it's been a fun ride so far.

Anyway, here's TANK 1:

This is just a simple DBP 7.5G Iwagumi tank. HC and anubias, nothing special. Lighting is a desk lamp. I'm not crazy with the ferts either. Just Flourish, Tetra FloraPride, and Excel. The substrate is Flourite Dark.

As of right now, there's only a Dwarf Gourami in this tank, but I'm thinking of adding some microrasbora.

Next up is TANK 2:

Prior to the establishment of this tank, I had already been obsessive over aquariums, but this particular one is where the lunacy begins. Yes, this is my SHRIMP TANK. Here are the specs:

Lighting: two 13w CFLs (6500K)
Substrate: Azoo Plant Grower Bed
Ferts: Same as the 7.5G
Flora: Fissidens fontanus, Dwarf Hairgrass, HC, Cyperus helferi
Fauna: 9 S-SS CRS (plus a load of babies), 9 OEBTs

And finally, TANK 3:

Here's the big one, my show tank. At 20 gallons, it's not the largest tank in the world, but it's definitely the eyecatcher out of the three. I've actually owned this aquarium since I started, and I've broken it down twice already. Additionally, I put this tank back into commission just one week ago!
Lighting: 30" ZooMed T5HO Fixture
Substrate: A mixture of Flourite, Flourite Dark, and Black Sand.
Ferts: Same
Flora: Hydrocotyle sp. Japan, HC, Glosso, Pogostemon erectus, & creeping jenny.
Fauna: A gold ram, 8 pygmy cories, & some fish that survived my previous cataclysms.

That's it for now. Thanks for looking!

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Finally an update:

My 7.5G has been through some ups and downs (but mostly ups). Sadly, most of my HC floated up because it couldn't stay anchored to the giant grain size of my substrate (flourite dark). However, the HC that stayed buried in the substrate is starting to develop roots and send out runners, so I'm happy about that. I'm probably going to my LFS soon to get some more. Secondly, I bought six boraras sp. Unfortunately, one died, and strangely, I couldn't locate the body. So, I bought another batch of five, and then another from that purchase died mysteriously. I figure it was just because of the new tank environment stress. Oh well, at least the other 9 are doing well. Finally, I put in a lot more plants. I took some glosso and Hydrocotyle from my 20L and transplanted them into this tank, and I bought some Staurogyne repens. Man, you wouldn't believe how long I waited for this plant! I was practically looking at every website, every day, and finally I saw an auction for one on Aquabid. lol. I also received some H. pinnatifida for free from the same guy who sent me the S. repens. I just chucked it into this tank 'cause I was lazy :D

Here are some pics:


S. repens

HC making a comeback + Glosso

H. pinnatifida

Boraras (it took me ages to finally get a clear shot)

Last but not least, the King of the Tank

Btw, does anyone know the species of boraras I have? Thanks.

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Small updates on the 20L and 10G:

-P. erectus all died
-Added 3 M. praecox, one died
-A ton of brown algae appeared

-Found OEBT babies, but the mother died after
-HC's growing slowly but surely
-CRS baby population has increased
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