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Overflow in planted tank

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Hello I am new to the site but not to keeping planted aquariums. I recently moved and this gave me motivation to set up a new tank. All my old tanks have used canister filters but I am thinking of using a overflow that will run into a fw refugium that will include a reverse flow ug filter. I really like this idea as to hide the co2 system, heaters, and filters, put am a little concerned about its application in a planted tank. Will all this circulation and generating the co2 in the refugium effect the co2 levels in the main tank. Also I would like to do a moss wall but am a little worried about the moss getting sucked into the overflow and clogging it. Any thoughts?
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Really the UG is more you don't need it and becomes just another maintenance item. overflows and sumps in planted tanks seem to be getting more popular, I love mine. to cut down on CO2 loss eliminate as much surface agitation as possible and cover the Sump. if you can make a full siphon setup for the overflow this will help immensely with CO2 loss.

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a full siphon setup and covered sump makes more sense to me (having a sump) in a planted tank situation... wouldn't this be counterproductive? i thought the whole point of having an overflow sump was to oxygenate the water?

- thefisherman
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