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overflow dilemma on a 90 Gallon

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i am trying to create a 90 gallon shrimp tank. i removed the overflow because the shrimp would get into the sump through the holes in the overflow. i still want to keep the sump because i want to keep another species of shrimp in it.
this picture is how it is now...

i painted the return and supply black... but the sponge isnt working. the water level rises over the sponge ( the sponge has a hole on top too.)
which is causing the water to rise over the sponge and flowing in the tube like it wasnt there. so the shrimp will be sucked into the return.

Im looking for a way to have the water flow into the sump without sucking up shrimp. the return pipe is between 1.5" to 2"
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I' bussy with the same project as you are.
What I will do is make a new return that fits in your bulckhead.
I will make it shorter and also put a sponge on it.

good luck.
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