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Overfeeding Possibly Causing Algae?

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I have been feeding my fish small amounts 2 x per day. My tank has been up and running for a little over a month and my water now has a slight greenish cast. Additionally, I seem to have some hair looking algae on my driftwood and some diatoms. Am I feeding my fish too much?
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How much light do you have? And do you dose CO2?
I only feed my fish once a day. I think twice is too much. With algae, some people think it is just light, but I think excess nutrients is just as important.
I do the low tech C02... bottle, sugar, yeast, etc. and I am using 2 t5 and one t8 lamp for a 46 gallon bowfront with a glass top. The lights sit on top of the glass top. I tried turning off the t8, but it seemed to make it worse, of course, that could have been just a coincidence and something else could have been making it worse, lol. I have eco-complete substrate, but I am not dosing Excel or anything.
Well it could be too much light if those t5s are HO but I would just cut the feeding to once a day and maybe get some amano shrimp and/or oto catfish
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