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Overdrive ballast

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I overdriven my 2 lap ballast int one lamp T12 40watt and blows bulb after about 20 minutes i noticed the balast area getting hotter than normal and did not have a faN RUNNING ON IT TO COOL IT Do I need to bump up to 60watt HO and change the sockets or try a fan on them and hope it doesnt blow another set of bulbs??
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I've overdriven t8(which t12 should be similar) before, and it does work, but it shortens lamp life.
Could you get a picture of your wiring and ballast information? That would help to see if it's a wiring or ballast mismatch issue (which both can lead to dead lamps when overdriving).

I do have to ask though, why are you overdriving the lamps?
I did it for a stop-gap for me until I could get a new fixture.

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