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Overdosing my tank with CO2 - amano / cherries

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So guys. I didn't found post about overdosing your shrimps with CO2 in short time (not overnight) but more like extreme amount of CO2 in matter of minutes.

It happened to me yesterday and it was really scary.

How this can happen?
  • I thought my CO2 tank is empty (gas stopped coming out) and I open it to full - nothing was coming out. I don't know why or what happened, but after like 30 min I looked in tank and CO2 went like crazy (100 bubbles per second, maybe even more). I saw shrimps falling. I think it could have been going like this for minutes, I have my shrimps in room where we spend lot of time during a day. And they are our pets - we really love them, so it was like nightmare.
What we done?
  1. We done like 3-4 25-30% water change, dropped chlorstoppper in meantime
  2. We took all amano (i heard they are more sensitive) to small plastic box (they are looked death - just lying, it was really scary)
  3. We took all big rocks and big woods from tank - so we can see what's happening and so water can mix better
  4. I created improvised air pump from that co2 and air pump i found in home and pumped like 30 min or so
  5. In meantime i reworked output of filter so it falls from higher ground - introducing more oxygen.
Did it worked?
  • I hope it did, as I wrote I saw only 3-4 death cherries (14-15h after incident)
  • All shrimps look "retarded" like several hours after this incident, but now they seems okey - cleaning and etc, not just eating
  • We saved all amano - 3 adults, 5 young and like 100+ cherries
Tank setup:
  • 30l or so
  • heavily planted
  • co2 normally on 1-2 bubbles per second
  • no issue at all in past year - all was fantastic until now

Sorry for this post, I am writing it because I didn't found anything similar on the internet. So hopefully it will help someone who will be in similar situation.

If are you in this situation right now, good luck! And if you want tip - change water as fastest you can, (+1 or -1 celsia is okay) and turn air pump / introduce more air into water.

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