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Overall height needed for 2234 and inline heater?

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I have been weighing my options for a DIY or premade furniture type stand for an upcoming GLA 12 gal long build. I need to know how much clearance is needed in the stand for an Eheim 2234 with a 200w inline heater? For anyone looking for an all wood stand, World Market stores have some neat looking furniture on sale.
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My 2234 measures 16" from bottom to top of hoses looping down. The Hydor 200w can be attached at the bottom of the outflow loop and still keep the 16" profile.
Thanks for the measurment. You wouln't happen to have a picture of your setup?
Here are two pictures, one with my current setup which was upgraded form 2234 to 2236, and another picture of my 2234 which I now use in another tank. Hope this helps.


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