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Over stocked 55? and Angels and shoaling fish

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3 Angels
15 Shoaling fish (Neons?)
5 Panda Cory's
5 Panda Garras (Maybey or not, depends on LFS)
1 Cobal Dwarf Gourami (I have him in my 10 and could be upgrading to the 55)
Forgot GBR's... 2

And also what small fish can Angles be with? i read they eat Neons, and if i get them small would they eat neons still because i think it could be like cats and dogs, start the dog out young around the cat, so start small angels around neons?
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Raising Angels with the other fish often does result in the Angels not eating the smaller fish. But if you add more of the same fish the Angels may eat the new ones. I would prefer to keep Angels with larger fish that they cannot eat. How about Black Phantoms or Bleeding Heart Tetras? A dozen of either would be nice, though they do not school as tightly as some. Cardinals are preferred with Angels, if you want that color. Neons are cooler water fish, Cardinals and Angels are warm water fish.

You have too many bottom fish. I would go with more Panda Cories, and skip the Garras, or omit the Cories. Research the optimum temperature, too. Maybe one or the other will be selected because of temperature requirements.
Sometimes Rams and Cories do not get along. Cories are not as attentive to the territorial claims of the Rams, and may intrude, then the Rams chase and may attack the Cories.
Alright I'll take into concideration all the options given, I'll be getting this tank soon so I'm just thinking of possibilities. I like the idea of black skirt tetras, or would danios work? Like zebra or maybe some cherry barbs?
You could also look at rummy nose tetras for a really tight schooling fish with angels.
Zebra Danios are not good with Angels for 4 reasons:
They are cool water fish.
They are fish for faster moving water.
They have some tendency to nip. Not nearly as bad as Serpae Tetras or Tiger Barbs, but those long tempting fins may be just too much of an attraction.
Their zippy behavior can be annoying to Angels.

Cherry Barbs are not so noted as schooling as many other fish. While not exactly as territorial as many fish, they do tend to organize socially that way. You can expect some spatting between the males. Optimum grouping is fewer males (2-3) and more females (2-3 for each male)
Thanks, ill keep looking, i like the idea of Rummy Nose, maybey Harlies? i still dont know, hard to decide
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