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Over planted?

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...we've a 29 gallon, which has several plant varieties; two in particular, java moss and elodea have taken over: about 60% of the water column is full of these plants: no worries, the fish have plenty of room to swim.

The plan for the tank plant maintenance is to remove all the java moss, and all the elodea; then tend to the rest of the plants: java fern, anubias nana (AN), petetite AN, amazon sword, anubias Barteri, cryptocoryne spiralis, aponegeton Ulvaceus, microsword, and banana plant. The java moss and elodea will then be pruned and replanted.

Can the java moss which is a nursery for the countless cherry red shrimp be removed, placed in a bath of tank water, without too much sacrafice?
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Post a tank Picture, post more of your current setup.

I would make sure new place has similar water current & light setup.
i would say post a picture and let us say so the good members here can give a more accurate diagnosis. that being sia dyou should be okay as long as you dont do too much root damgae and it's very short term more than a day and you'd deffinitely want to have a proper setup tank to house in, in my opinion.
Is your concern the loss of plants, shrimps or both? Why not just remove a little here and there randomly? That way, their hangout is only partially destroyed instead of fully.
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