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Outside emmersed buckets pics

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Just thought I'd share a couple buckets that are outside at my parents house. I threw some clippings from my aquairums into them a couple years ago. I never thought they would grow like crazy! They have lived through Texas summers and winters, no problem.

The purple bucket has mainly a rotala (i have no clue what it is but has pretty purple flowers constantly), and a ton of HM/HC. There is also some riccia, hydrocotyle (japan and vert-a-whatever). You can see the cascade down one side that faces the sun. Its perfect because there is a little toad that makes his home in there (you can see him in the close up picture) so he just climbs the plants and up into the tub. haha Its so awesome.

The other bucket has a ton of other speicies including persicicaria, rotala indica, a couple other rotalas, giant hairgrass, hyrdocotyle, etc. We just had some rain so it always kinda mashes the plants down in this bucket so it doesnt look as good as it normally does. The plant mass goes all the way to the bottom of the buckets, its incredible...


Mr. Toad

Other bucket
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