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Outlaw-Scape 35

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Now that I have all the parts, it's time to start putting this scape together. I really like nano tanks, and the scapes you can make with them. I wanted to try and apply the things I have learned to a larger tank. So out of that idea, Outlaw-Scape 35 was born! I'll take nano type plants and animals and see how they do in a larger scape.

Stand: DIY ADA'ish style
Tank: Mr. Aqua 63x45x45 cm (35 gallon)
Lighting: Aquaticlife 96w 24" fixture with 2x6500k and 2x10000k bulbs. Lighting period not yet decided.
Filtration: Eheim 2217
Co2: 5lb tank, GLA regulator with DIY inline reactor
Temp. Control: Inline Hydor 200w heater
Ferts: Modified EI method, 3x weekly.
Water Changes: 15 gallons (50%) per week RODI
Additional Water Movement: Probably a Koralia Nano

taiwan moss
towuti moss
fissidens fontanus
anubis nana 'petite'
mini pellia
didiplis diandra
bolbitis fern
mini bolbitis fern
limnophila aromatica
ludwiga arcuata
cabomba furcata 'desert rose'
rotala sp 'Gia Lai'
Eriocaulon “Ban Ba Wa”
Eichhornia diversifolia
tropica 049

Neon Tetra
Corydoras Pygmaeus
Celestial Pearl Danio
Amano Shrimp
Red Cherry Shrimp

Current as of December 2011

Pictures of my initial layout. I have since moved the driftwood forward to make room for the longer stem plants in back.

Helper cat makes another appearance!

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Looking good, maybe slope the gravel a little higher towards the back. I would agree with some other stem plant to go with your flora selection to add variety to the broad-leaf/moss selection you already have. You can never go wrong with CPDs in my book and Corydoras Pygmaeus. I wouldn't be too concerned with blue rams with the smaller fish as I would be with the shrimp. Otherwise looks promising can't wait to see more.
i will follow it...
nice start, i Agree with Rion you need to slop it more towards the back
Thanks guys! I do have some more soil, and will slope the substrate a little toward the back to get things started. I just put this up as preliminary setup. More progress pictures soon.
That's alot of plants

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Spent all day working on getting the tank up and running yesterday. I will likely change the layout some. That stump on the right looks too straight. It needs to lean over. But that will have to wait a few days since the other piece is being held down by rocks. I forgot to soak it first.

My plan is to have a little meadow'ish area of HC around the front-right, sort of framed by the wood. We'll see how it works out. The thing I like about this tank way more than my previous bowfront is 1) it's not a bowfront and 2) I can get to everything way easier. Rescaping, planting, adding/removing animals is so much easier.

Since I had a mature filter and used some water from the old tank, I tossed some RCS in there. They looked ok this morning, and if they're still kicking tonight I'll add the rest of the fauna and start the complete teardown of the old tank.

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On this tank I have an Eheim 2217 running. In the last tank, I was using the same filter but with the spray bar, which seemed to generate adequate and wide-spread enough flow. Now I'm using (and would like to keep) lily pipes. I checked the CO2 today and my drop checker never came up off blue. Uh oh!

It seems like the lily pipe outflow is really linear. Everything directly in front of it seems to get nice flow, but everything surrounding it, and behind it gets very little. One way or another, I think circulation needs some help.

Going to add a Koralia Nano powerhead and see if it helps.

Will hopefully go from this:

to this:
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Ended up getting the Koralia Nano today. It's pretty awesome. I think it will accomplish exactly what I wanted. Just a bit more flow, but not a tornado.

Also took a couple more pictures. Nothing new, just 'journaling.'

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A few update shots. Mostly just so I can see progress and enjoy snapping low quality pics of the CPDs.

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A few pictures to compare growth between the last update and now. Things seem pretty happy. I can see the very slight beginnings of BBA which I always seem to get, but it's pretty easily controlled as long as the CO2 stays high and ferts are good.

The DW is taking forever to stay put. Rocks still holding it down and until it's ready I won't move anything else around.

Added Rotala Vietnam and Limnophila Aromatica.

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The anubias might be happier with roots out of substrate though.
That piece of driftwood on the right is awesome. I was so close to ordering one from that looked just like it.
Thanks! :)

As long as you keep the anubis' rhiozome out of the substrate it's ok. Roots love the nutrients. Just don't bury the "R"

I can't wait ti be able to tilt that wood on the right one direction or the other. I like the piece too but it's too vertical still.
Updated pics just to keep track of plant growth. I think I need to move some of that Blyxa. It's too close to the glass now.

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Wow the growth is really great! Good job!
^^^ +1 ,
In the first pic of the thread i see two dirft wood in the empty tank , are they still in there ?
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