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Out with the old & In with the new!

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Wasn't sure exactly where to post this (we need an amphibian & reptile section! :icon_lol:) but I thought this would be the best place.

Today I traded in my Chinese Algae-eater (bought him by mistake, confused for a Siamese Algae-eater) for a pair of little froglets!

They are the same as my others (H. Boettgeri) and they are SOO tiny and cute!
I am quite sure that they are both females, though it is hard to guarantee at this age.

Right now they are in a QT tank with a small pump, rocks, and a few (live & fake) plants to make it more "homey" until they are ready to be moved into the 30 gallon and meet the others.

Just wanted to share. :hihi:
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I know! Haha no pictures yet, sorry!
I will post some as soon I can, believe me I am excited to share! :)
Hahaha be patient, they will come. :)
Told you so!

I couldn't get that great of photos cause I don't want to bug them that much.

Here is ones of the babies.

And for comparison, here is an adult female.

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