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I have no idea if this brand is popular here or not but I came across them and was basically impressed by their honesty.
First things first at $65 for 6 Watts certainly not a "deal".

So why did I post this:
Well 1) The company is seemingly telling the truth
2) Has a 660nm red "channel". Well 1 diode (possibly multi dies)
3) CRI is high according to my calcs.
and seems to be pretty honest regarding numbe of units /size..

Why I probably shouldn't post this.
Models are all out of stock.

Oddly the RH spectrum is slightly different than the RV.
RV is a bit more err.. natural but the RH would punch red tones up a bit. A more magenta tone.
Both actually have approx same CRI and K temp.
What bothers me a bit.. The in stock "new color tunable" models have far less data.

My estimate using RAYCAL for TinyRV:
myData tinyrv680.txt x8

Luminous flux: 5,440 lm
Radiant flux: 21,255 mW
PPF: 99.1 umol/s
TCP: 6850 K
CRI: 93
λp: 453 nm
Color: #FFE4FA

* PERFORMANCE @ 90cm & 120° (compulsory)
Irradiance: 2.78 W/m²/s
Illuminance: 712 lx
PPFD: 13 umol/m²/s
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