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Hi there it has been some years since I have been on the post. I've been out of the hobby for a few years and have a few things to get rid of.

Would perfer to deal locally as some items are bulky but can ship smaller.

40 gallon breeder with LID $25.00 (new 40.00 during $1 gallon sale)
Brooklyn Stand for 40 Gallon breeder $55.00 (new 89.99)
Active Aqua 1/2" HP Chiller $500.00 (1,100 new)
Home made cerges reactor works great! $40.00
Breeder Box 10.00 no lid
Aqua Sand 5KG 20.00
Underwater Bonsai Tree 20.00
Set of three tweezers and scissors 25.00
Lot of shrimp food and conditioner 60.00 see photo

36" 7K white One strip isnt working would be free if you bought the other two lights
30 Build my LED - like new Black White Green
36 Build MY LED - like new White

Would be interested in selling entire lot. have other stuff to throw in.


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