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I've decided to break down my aquarium so I want to sell all my livestock first. Heres a list of everything. (Fish and inverts first followed by plants)

-Young mated pair of Ram cichlids (spawning twice a month)
-3 harlequin raspboras
-8 pygmy corydora catfish
-Clown pleco
-5 very rare dwarf cajun crayfish. these guys are super docile. never lost a fish to them. super easy to breed so there's probably more
-2 Assassin snails to control "pest" snail population

-Very rare St. Elmo's Fire sword
-Marble radican sword
-Kleiner Prince sword
-Red melon sword
-Crypt wendetti bronze
-Rotala indica
-Red ludwigia
-Red dwarf lily bulb
-Red tiger lotus bulb
-A little dwarf hair grass
-Christmas moss on a large piece of driftwood

*Please note that there is algae as I've been neglecting the tank a bit.

I'm trying to sell this all as a package deal. I'm asking $120 o.b.o for everything. Feel free to make offers. Please do not ask me to separate. If interested text me at 714-606-8572. I can send pics at request.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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