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Ott-light Knockoff

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I have been searching for a little light for 2.5g tanks and really hate to spend what an Ott light costs. So was searching online at Walmart and ran across this little light. Clearly a knockoff. But for 21.00 store pickup that is a good price. I like the small footprint it is 18" tall that might be a little high.
What do you all think??
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It looks like it's worth a try. It has a rating of 5 stars. (by one person though, I think)
wouldn't be suprised if it is just a rebranded Ott Light.

There is another similar light at office max. I went and played with it today, it looked very nice actually.
Seems like so many things these days that are knockoffs surprisingly seem to be made in the same factory as the originals LOL
I wish I knew if it is adjustable, from reading on the Ott website it appears their light is.
Might have to order one and see how it goes.
What do you all think about the 18"??
Ohh Cflux that looks like the same light.
I have a few of these over my 7.2g .
Check out the journal .. they work pretty damn well.
i have two ott-lites. the only thing that is adjustable is the sensitivity of the hinge, that is, how sturdy you want the light when you open it (done by turning the side with a coin). Height wise, its about 13 inches
Bought the Ott-Light Knockoff today. Yes Jeff the tightening suggestion works great. Does seem the weight of the light is off a little. I think that is a really easy fix. Just take the bottom of the light off and ad a little weight in there. Have to play with it a little but it seems really like a nice light. For 20.00 plug it in and go.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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