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Ostracod vs Hemianthus Cuba

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Hello there,

I have a nano-10g w/ an intense HC carpet, and about 2 weeks I've been noticing that the HC is becoming yellow/brown. I have a 70w HQI (color:8000K) and CO2. I am dosing "hw-Ferrovit" weekly.

I was just thinking: the population of ostracods in the substrate is INTENSE, could they harm the HC roots or something like that?

P.S.: I started dosing Excel 3 days ago, MAYBE the HC was missing that.

Thanks for any help
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You're dosing iron but but no other nutrients? That sounds like your problem, especially with that amount of light. Start dosing macros and micros.
All plants need fertilizing in some way. Are you dosing NPK and trace elements to the water, or do you use substrate tabs, or ADA Aquasoil? If none of those, your plants are likely just starving.
I have ECO-complete substrate, and flourish tabs in substrate (recent).

Any good suggestions on a balanced NPK liquid that I should dose?

tried PRO-plant, from KENTmarine (1-0-0) once, but I did not like it, I underdosed and even so had an algae prblm.

Thanks for the help...
You should read up on this. It really works great.

If you want something prepackaged, Rootmedic or Pfertz are good options, especially on a small tank.

I am not going to tell you that you have too much light, because I have double that amount over a tank just under twice the size so I'd be a hypocrite.

My tank is very high maintenance, I use pressurized co2, only have a photoperiod of 8 hours per day, have aquasoil, and dose all macro and micronutrients as well as iron and magnesium and potassium in excess (i dose even extra K than the above link calls for) I am dealing with very minor GDA that will pass since the tank is just a month old.

It's a lot of maintenance and tweaking. If thats what you want you can do it, but without a lot of research and effort it won't work out well, especially if you're just using diy co2 (don't know what you're using, just an example) only dosing iron, especially under that light.

If you want to go that route, cool. Just know there is little room for error or slacking off. For a ten gallon tank you could sell the light and get something a lot less powerful and have good results still. I am only using as much light as i am because it was a gift.
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GREAT link! Thanks for the help.

About the tank, I'll research and improve fert in the next days. The HQI I know is too much, but this HQI was from my 100G Discus (I have 2 sets). The CO2 is pressurized w/ ADA glass diffuser.

And again thank you very much for the help. I already ordered some MICRO and MACRO to go w/ my C (excel) and Fe.
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