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OSRAS Conference-Sunday March 30th

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Just in case anyone is interested as i know a good number of us also keep reef tanks.

Being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, RI

Sanjay Joshi will be speaking about "The Myths and Folklore of LEDs".
Albert Theil will be speaking on "How To Run a Nano Tank Successfully".

32 vendors from around the country and locally!

Thousands of dollars of raffle items!!

BIG SPECIAL- with each paid admission the first 300
Attendees will receive a FREE CORAL at the door!!!
Plus a free raffle ticket with each purchase!!!
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Too bad they're having two different conventions at the same time :/
I know...It's my anniversary day, and i have a wedding to attend today, and as far as i know it's one of UA's last freshwater day's also. Too much going on today lol.
I've been wanting to go to that, I'm finally setting up a saltwater aquarium (under 5 gallons). I really want to hear Sanjay's talk. But with exams this week and the following week and the amount of school work I need to get done on top of all the studying, I don't think I can justify it.
Under 5g, thats going to be tricky.
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