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Found this old and unused lamp laying around, thought I'd save money by putting it on my next scape.
Would it be good enough on a heavily planted 60p with CO2 injection ?
From what I gathered online it's not that great and seems costly in power consumption.
Anyone tried it? knows about it?

known from the Flora Set
Special lamp for plants

Technical specifications:

Power consumption: 80 W
Luminous flux in lumens: 3,000lm
Average service life: 20,000h
Thread: E27
Dimensions (L x ø): 168 x 125 mm
Energy efficiency class: B
(The energy efficiency class scale ranges from A (very efficient) to G (less efficient))
No k temp but that is mostly just for you anyways.
CRI in the high 50's

Mercury based discharge lamp (metal halide)
38 lumens/watt (current leds are on average 100L/watt)
I'm going to assume replacement bulbs will be hard to find
The R version may have a different spectrum look (besides the bulb package). Efficiency is the same
Osram 80 Watt HQL-R De-Luxe ES Mercury Reflector Lamp - Lampshoponline

Usable? Sure.. Why? because it's there, high output in a small package. ;)
Not sure how easy it is to get bulbs though..
"R" version is apparently red enhanced.
Mushroom-shaped reflector lamp:
The mushroom-shaped HQL®-R DE LUXE with reflector
provides warm white light and pleasant colour properties.
• High-pressure mercury lamp, reflector, coated
• 80 W
Luminous efficacy: 38 lm/W
• Light colour: Warm White
• Burning position: universal
• Base: E27
• Long average lamp life: 20,000 hours
2 to 3 years of use, operating for 11 hours per day

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thanks a lot for your input friend !
not gonna lie, you used many words I read for the first time haha
Do you think it'd work for "hard" plants, (the one with high demands)?
I was considering buying the chihiros WRGB 2 slim for that tank, how well would it perform compared to one of these?
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