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Osmocote Plus $10 Rebate on 2 lbs

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I am a gardener and got an email about a $10 rebate on your purchase a 2 lb jar of Osmocote. Looks like it includes Osmocote Plus. I believe Home Depot sells it for $10, which would make the item free after rebate. Must purchase by June 30, 2014.

This might be the motivation for me to make my own root tabs.
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Bought my two pounder at Home Depot for $7.98 + tax. $10 rebate means I get paid to take the Osmocote. Sweet deal!
Is the new 11 nutrient the same as the 12 really? Is calcium that important?
Got mine from Home depot for $8.58 after tax. Using my neighbors house for one of the rebates. ha ha ha. I think I'm going to use the ice cube trick with these. I just added about 8 flourish root tabs last weekend, so might have to wait a while to add these.
Nice. I put mine into 00 gel capsules. I started with 3 in a med planted 36g tank? Sound like enough?
I have mine in gel caps too and was advised to use 6-7 in my 20h. 3 in a 36g doesn't seem like enough.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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