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Although I haven't ordered fish from the mainland I did look pretty extensively into the process. Here are a couple of links you can follow (credit to TPT member Morbo).

Click on the first link which will open the State of Hawaii Plant Industry Division page. Click on the Non-Domestic Animals and Microorganisms List near the bottom of the page. On the page that select AR-71C.PDF and this will open the list of Conditionally approved animals including many species of aquatic fish. For example search for Sword and you will find multiple instances with the Scientific Name and Common Name. You will see this is an extensive list. You are required to provide a copy of your permit for the Seller to include in the shipment and on the outside of the box it should be clearly marked "Contains Living Material: Please Open for Agricultural Inspection".

I did call and talk to an inspector and while a permit is required to import Fish it is not required for aquarium plants although the box still should be marked as stated above.

For fish websites you can check out Aquabid and be sure to check on the Sellers feedback for their rating.

For those with more knowledge you can correct me if I have stated something that is false.

Depending on your circumstances your best avenue might be ordering through a LFS as Charrr89 previously posted.

Bump: per the inspector be sure no snails, worms, shrimp and dirt (for plants) are included.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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