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Ordering ebay leds from hong kong...

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Anyone have much experience ordering leds from HongKong or other overseas destinations? Is there other taxes or expenses involved other than the purchase price and shipping? I have not had a lot of experience getting things from that end of the globe, and considering that I am near the geographic center of North America, i am skeptical about free shipping from hong kong....

1 - 11 of 11 Posts is pretty good to work with. At $2 per LED (3w) it's hard to beat. Keep in mind their efficiency isn't nearly as good as Cree or Luxeon, but for a planted tank, probably not an issue.

Their 10w white isn't bad either--- you can get the 10w LED, 10w driver, and fat heatsink for around $25-30.

I have one, and haven't put it to use yet, but it's neat as heck.
thanks for the link, the geek factor on the LED lighting is incredible. some utterly wonderful combination of tech, aluminum, and wire wizardry that mesmerizes me. I need to study up on some basic concepts of electricity as I am a little corroded. I used to wire wells and some basic lighting and other home projects.... however I need to learn to revisit a few of those concepts again.... I think I will be ordering Chinese soon....
I have ordered LEDs from DealExtreme a couple of times, and from another Ebay vendor once, plus I have an outstanding order for some more from a third Ebay vendor. All are Chinese webstores. I have had no problems at all, yet, and the LEDs have been very good. Most LEDs are made there, as are most electronic components in general, so I'm sure they produce some of the best quality LEDs in the world, as well as some not nearly as good. I believe each production batch of LEDs contains both great ones and not so great ones, and it is the pre-testing and assignment to "bins" that keeps the quality within limits.
Right now Dealextreme is on my @##$%@!#[email protected]# list. I have about $150 worth of LED stuff that has been in shipping limbo since EARLY NOVEMBER and they are dragging their feet horridly on straightening it out.

They seem to be a reasonable company in most respects but I'm NEVER using their free ghetto shipping again. I ordered two packages on the same day, one arrived near the end of November, the other one NEVER made it to America according to the tracking number at .


Satistronics was good to work with though. Their 10w 455 blue is a very powerful LED that honestly I think looks great over a planted tank.

Forddna, nice link, thanks!
I like dealextreme, but ya gotta remember its coming from halfway around the world...lots of stuff can happen and it can take FOREVER. But prices are good if you don't mind the wait.
I was ordering some leds from DX and after 2 months i eventualy got it, so ordering again from DX only if i must. Later i was ordering some from Bay and shipping was 2-3 weeks (thats an average). Led was bust but i got a new one, so Bay is the way (rhyme!) if you are carefull a bit
I've bought several from vendors in China or Hong Kong off Ebay. Never had a problem.
thanks for the feedback, like I said earlier, I think I will be ordering Chinese here in a little while. I have some homework to do etc. I have some drawings/plans to put together. I have 6 tanks that need lighting, two 46 bow fronts, a thirty tall(24"x24"x12") twenty long, ten gallon and a 3.5 gallon plastic cube(used to hold Cheetos).
Yesterday, after exactly 2 weeks, I got my order of two batches of 20 each LEDs from an Ebay Hong Kong company. No problems at all, unless they prove not to work.
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