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Orange Zebra Shrimp?

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Does anyone know anything about Orange Zebra shrimp? I was at my LFS and they had a tank with some going by this name. Also in the take were RCS and another shrimp called "algae eater" shrimp, which I am also not familiar with.

Searches for either of those two turned up nothing. Do they go by other names?
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Orange Zebra shrimp might actually be Orange Bee shrimp, but were misnamed by the store. As for Algae Eater Shrimp, those may be Amano Shrimp, which love algae a lot.
Most of the larger wholesalers label amanos as algea eating shrimp. The orange zebras may have been tangerine tigers, or just plain tigers. Try looking those 2 up and let us know what you think.
One of my LFS sells Amanos labeled as "Algae Eating Shrimp" for $9.99 ea!

Petco calls them Japanese Algae Eating Shrimp and sells them for $2.29.
Ah, ok well all of that clears up the confusion then. I think I'll go back and buy a few this weekend.

Thanks for the info!
One more thing to keep in mind - Amanos do not breed in fresh water. They need brackish (some say full marine) water for the larvae to develop. So if you want to buy them for algae control, great. But don't buy them planning to breed them unless you have tons of time on your hands and want to mess with changing salinity.
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