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I don't do this anymore
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Hello guys!

So I am in the last stages before I order some shrimp, I decided I would like to have several options before I buy though.

I want 10 Orange neos (Maybe a few more if I really like the price), but there is a few things I would like to letcha know about.

Please be reasonable in your pricing! I am not going to post how much I am going to spend for this, to get the best price ;) . If you are charging more than what I usually see, there is a good chance I will turn your kind offer down, so please be reasonable. Thanks!!

You much have a DOA guarantee for Priority shipping! I would order from the renowned Nick (Speedie408), but I was looking for a DOA guarantee for Priority shipping.

I won't be paying right away, but I will pay in the next week or so, whenever I am sure the tank is cycled.

So to summarize, I am looking for a nice guy that can hook me up with a merciful deal.

Thank you sooooo much guys!!!
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