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Optimum Lighting for plant growth

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I am starting a new tank (Fluval Nano Shrimp Habitat-7.9Gal approx. 30L) and currently have a Fluval Mini Power Compact Light (230 V-A1673/ 120V-A1677 bulb compatible). I have the light on a timer. I am growing Dwarf sag, Java moss, Java Fern, broadleaf Ludwigia, and green myrio growing now.

Is that a good light for these plants?

Should I get another of the same light or add on/replace the light with an upgrade?

Thanks for the help.
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You probably have low light, assuming that the light fixture has a very small ineffective reflector, as it appears it must. If you added a second one you would have medium or more light, and would need to use CO2, and fertilize a complete menu of nutrients. The plants you have should do well with low light, especially if you add DIY CO2 and some fertilizing.
Perfect. Thanks. I will research good fertilizer and pick some up.

I have the yeast CO2 going full force. Hopefully things will grow.
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