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Hey all,

I want to get my tank into balance but need some help first.
My tank currently is low tech but it's not doing good, I want a lush green tank with some hints of brown/red. So before getting new plants I want my tank to be in balance. I've ordered a new light (Chihiros wrgb2 60cm) a co2 setup is on it's way arriving today, light will take a week or 2.
The tank is 65cm in height so it's pretty tall, it's closed lid, will have to figure something out for the chihiros but it will be pretty close to the water surface. I have a high ph so can do loads of co2.

Now my main question is what values of No3, Po4, Fe, ... am I looking for?
I guess I would be best to dose everything seperate and don't use all in ones?

The all in one I dose now is supposed to have po4 in it but when I measure levels I get back 0 ppm

Are these real?
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CO2 is definitely going to help your plants grow better in hard water.

I would go easy with the additional light at first. Watch your plants, often they can be great indicators of things that may lack or be in excess.

Generally having between 10 and 20ppm of NO3 and about 1ppm of PO4 is a good starting point. The exact level isn't all that important, what matters is that you don't run out of them, as this will affect plant growth negatively.
As for iron, I wouldn't overthink it. Add some on a regular basis, along with other micro nutrients, and see how the plants are doing.

Whenever you change things, your tank may get out of balance (perhaps it was never IN balance), so a bit of algae is to be expected, and can often be overcome with patience and keeping up the good conditions for your plants.
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