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optimal conditions for planted tank without fish?

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I want to set up a simple tank to grow downoi quickly. there will be no fish of any kind in it. I will use co2.

1.should I run a pump to just circulate water or still use a filter.
2.How much co2 would be optimal for growth without wasting it, should i go higher since theres no fish.
3. to keep the co2 in the tank should i not circulate the water. maybe just change some every once in a while?
4. should I use more ferts than my tank with fish and plants?
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I don't think you need to make anything different than with fish tanks. My 10 gallon has 8 neons/cardinals, so it's essentially a plant only tank. I would just crank the CO2 to ensure you have 30 ppm or more and do EI. I would still use a filter to circulate the water because there are always some particulates from dying leaves, etc.
You could push the CO2 a bit higher, but at some point:

a)the plants can't use it.
b)microorganisms will die

Because of b, I'd suggest a subtle bump in CO2 levels and not much else.
well can you grow downoi emersed? It will grow faster, ship better, and be algae free.
you can but you need a high humidity level to keep it from melting
Glass lid takes care of humidity.

Same for HC, most Crypts, swords, most plants really.

Tom Barr
I'm kind of new to anything other than my regular planted tank. when you say emersed do you mean the roots under water and the stems above the water line? what about ferts should I use more? should I use anything that I couldn't use before that would have been harmful to fish?
Yeah, keep the waterline below the soil level, don't let the soil completely dry out. You can use vermaculite as a plant medium. I prefer vermaculite as it is easier to separate the mass of roots come dividing & transplanting time.
if growing emersed how do you use co2?
You could grow it in a container with a lid and let the CO2 escape into the container, but I don't know how you would measure the amount of CO2 present. Perhaps a hydroponics site might have a clue to that answer.
on a plants only tank ive heard of people using a weak solution of miracle grow
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