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Opinions on various R/O Units

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I'm contemplating on purchasing an R/O Unit for my 29g Planted Tank and possible future Fish/Live Rock tank, and was wondering how would you rate the brands (pros & cons) that are posted on Dr. Foster & Smith and BigAlsOnline?

Pinnacle Series (expensive)
Kent R/O System
Coralife Pure-Flow II (within my budget)

If you have any other suggestions of R/O Units elsewhere, please let me know. Thanks again.
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OK... Heres my $.02.

As long as you are buying a unit with standard 10" housings/filters, then It doesnt really matter. Yes, the quality of the membrane is going to be (possibly) a bit better with a "name brand" unit, but as for the pre-filters and the DI filter, you are going to be replacing them every 6-8 months anyway.

I bought a 5 stage RO/DI off of that big auction website and paid $102 (after shipping). The unit I bought came with an extra set of prefilters. I did have to replace the DI part as the one that came on the unit was terrible. ~$25 at Buckeye Field Supply took care of that.

So for around $127, I have a high quality 100GPD RO/DI unit that I use to take my tap water from 400 TDS to 0.
Saltura - do you know what you're looking for in a system? Anything specific?

Russ @ BFS
OK Im new to this forum but pretty old as far as planted tank goes.
I got a RO/DI unit from ..pretty happy with it.

how do I know them? from my local reef club :smile:
Don't forget Air Water & Ice They have some good ones. Been happy with my reef keeper series!
I have a Spectrapure MaxCap RO/DI unit however I will recommend the BuckeyeFieldSupply units. I gave them a call while I was researching replacement filters and was provided with excellent help, the guys at Spectrapure never gave me help or had answers like he did. The RO membrane, filters, DI resin, etc in my unit is all BuckeyeFieldSupply so I would recommend theirs.... with the added plus of excellent help when needed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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