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Opinions on this fixture: Aqua Medic Ocean Light

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For lighting an ADA 30-C 1' Cube tank.

Should I get the 70 or 150 watts? 5k, 10k or 20k bulbs? How much is too much light? WIll this work for the nano 1 footer? Any opinions/ help appreciated!

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I dont know about the light from first hand experience but it looks like a quality light. I was actually thinking about buying one myself. If the tank is that small I would definitly not go more than 70 watts. The 70 watt on that tank would be very high light and would let you get pretty much any plants you want. As far as the spectrum you would probably want a daylight bulb but I am probably not the best one to ask about that. Also if you are going to buy it, has it for cheaper and its a pretty good lighting website if you want to check it out.

Hi Kevin,
Yeah, from what I looked online, it doesnt seems like there's many choices for a 1-footer tank in terms of pendant light (most are 24" or longer). I don't want a clip-on, hood, or mount anything from the wall or ceiling, so the fixture casing is important. I like this fixture cause it looks clean and sleek.
It's odd, but has the site fixed so that you can order the 13,000K and 20,000K bulb, but it doesn't have it fixed so that you can order the 5000K or 10,000K bulbs.

When you go to Aqua Medic's NA site; they only show 13,000K and 20,000K bulbs. I know the used to carry lower Kelvin rated HQI bulbs for planted tanks.

When you go to Aqua Medic's DE site, they show the 5000K, 10,000K bulbs and 20,000K bulbs.
5000K for planted tanks: 5000/
The 10,000K bulb is actually a 13,000K bulb and it's for saltwater tanks (confusing, right?): 10000/
20,000K for saltwater tanks: 20000+/
I just placed the order from, very friendly people. (Thanks Adam!) It only comes with a 10,000k bulb, then I found a site selling the 6,500k bulb. I'm glad I have a choice in case if the 10,000k is too white.

Too bad ADA don't have one that fits the 30-C...only for their Mini M and S!
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