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So, I'm looking at two tanks right now. I've given up on trying to keep incompatible fish and plants together just because I like them. I got a new 20l that is going to be my new shrimp tank and fills one of the three spots I've limited myself to on tanks.

I'm looking at starting a rainbowfish/cory tank to house two of my favorite fishes, panda cories and turqoise rainbows. It is going to be a neutral ph, hard water, 72-77degree low light low tech tank. I am looking at a 48x15x17" tank and wanted to get some opinions on its dimensions for scape/habitat. I plan on lighting it with a single t8 shoplight I already have. I'd like to get a sense for what kind of numbers I could stock it with. Fish already destined for this tank are:
2 turqoise rainbows
1 honey gourami
4 harlequin rasboras
4 panda cories
2 peppered cories
5 zebra nerite snails
I would like to add many more cories and rainbows. I am on the fence about more harlequins or phasing them out in favor of fork tail rainbows, but haven't gotten any feedback on compatibility with my other rainbows. Maybe some other schoolers with similar water requirements? I will probably also have a group of otos. This tank is all about schooling/shoaling fast movers in a high current overfiltered setup. It is all about activity, no shy feeders need apply!

The other tank I'm looking at will be a high light, high tech, 80+ degree soft acidic environment. The plan is that this will basically be the chiclid cruser tank, but I don't have much experience with chiclids so need input on dimensions and stocking. The dimensions I'm looking at are 36x18x24. Fish destined for this tank are:
1 German RAM
3 Kuhli loaches
I haven't decided on if I want to do discus. I really like them, but they limit the plants I can keep and they're expensive to get into and time consuming to keep. If I do discus I would want to add a school of rummy nose tetras, maybe some bush nose or otos.
Id like to get more rams or other dwarf chiclids.
Otherwise I may go angelfish, in which case the schoolers will probably be the harlequin rasboras from above.
I also like bumblebee gobies but have read mixed things on their needs for a brakish environment.

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Re: the Discus and/or Angelfish, I would offer that is you keep either limit your self to corys with either. Pretty much anything else "May" result in problems. Be it the liitle fish being eaten, longer fins of the angels getting the occasional nip, fish going after the mucus on the Discus if they breed.

One of the few mixed Angel tanks I saw that worked pretty well had Angels & Festum with a shoal of corys.
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