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A little over 2 weeks ago I set up my 55 gallon tank. I had had it set up for 10+ years and had to take it down for a remodel. I kept the Eheim 2217 running while the old tank was taken down but the tank, all the substrate, plants, and drift wood are new. I also added a sponge filter.

I’ve been testing every couple days and doing a 25% water change each week. Ammonia is 0, Nitrite is 0, Nitrate is 10 to 20 ppm. Tap water is 5ppm so not getting any lower than that (I’m not doing RODI). I’ve got a diatom bloom going.

I’ve planted the tank with Anubias, swords, and repens. I think the tank is not going to cycle and I am thinking about getting some additional fish and would love some opinions.

I currently have 6 black skirt tetras (2 yrs old), one lemon tetra (5+ yrs old), two harlequin rasboras (2 yrs old), and one rummy nose tetra (3 yrs old). I buy in groups of 6 or more but as you can see they die over the years and I wind up with an odd ball assortment.

I want nerite snails to help me clean up the diatoms but my kids and husband want Kuhli loaches which I think might eat the snails? I told them if we get loaches we need to wait to January at least because their sensitive and we need to make sure the tank is stable. I also want 6 julli Cory cats, would three Kuhli loaches and 6 Cory’s be too many fish on the bottom? Also if the loaches do eat nerite snails, would Otos be a good idea instead? Maybe Amano shrimp?

Finally I’d like to fill in the mid tank a little. My lemon tetra is pretty sure he’s a black skirt at this point (he was actually born in my tank 5+ years ago when I had a school of them!) so don’t want any more of them. My rummy nose is the sole survivor of the 8 I bought 3 years ago, I’m tempted to get more but they are so small at the store that I’m afraid my black skirts my try to go after them. My two rasboras follow each other everywhere and seem very happy together but before the others died they seemed to bicker among themselves a lot, so I’m nervous about throwing off their current dynamic... I thought about school of neons but again they are so small at the store... thoughts? Just stick with what I have in the mid/upper level? Maybe add floating plants to attract the Kuhlis and Cory’s to travel up a bit? (I’ve never done floating plants...)

I do know not to add all these fish at once, I’m just trying to set an end goal.

Thanks for the suggestions!!!

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