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Hi everyone! I just joined today.

I work at a LFS and well best well to gain improve my work is have my own tank. Well I been in the Fish Hobby for a while now. I been in fresh water for 7 years+ and Saltwater/Reef for 3years +. I currently 19 and I wanted to start a planted tank. (attempt anyways) I have started with my 20 gallon tall using finnex ray 2 attempting to grow a carpet baby dwarf tears but I already have fish in there for a while. Lol Also the lighting hours isn't how i would like it to be because it can be on for more than 8 hours thanks to my mom doesn't want to listen to me and wants it on to see the fishes. Anyways so far in that tank i been able to grow mayca and rotato indigo very well. (assuming i spelling them correctly) Using CO2 system by MR. Aqua having every 3 count bubbles. I have attempted dwarf baby tears but a lot haven't been successful my guess is fish nipping them especially my cory cat, aglae eater so i moved them to a 2 gallon tank temperoary. I keep the tank around 75-76 F.

Anyways What i really want to know is will my fuge ray finnex 16inch will be enough for dwarf baby tears in my 5 gallon tank is 14 inches long, 8inches wide, and 11 inches tall. Bedding is about 2inches deep. Using Azoo substrates dirt ball same with my 20 gallon tall tank. Temp in this is 77F ish. I have a one guppy in there split tail relatively old i moved from my 20 gallon tank because is killing all my show tail guppies. Anyways Let me know! Thanks. I do weekly water changes for all my tanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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