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Opinion on my rockscape

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Any suggestions? I'm planning on hc in the front with hairgrass or blyxa in the back corners. Or the whole back wall if i remove two rocks in the middle back? Any other suggestions for plants. I feel I want to also incorporate anubias petite into my tank. Or maybe rotala stems in the back instead?

Here are some pics


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I think it looks fantastic... MAYBE I would turn the one in the right rear around... but maybe not.
I'm counting 8 rocks total in the set up. I would suggest going with an odd number of rocks. The biggest rock should be in the center and all the rest should be around it.
I think the two rocks in the back need some adjusting.

Get shrimped out!
There are 9 rocks total...I though about those two in the back. Maybe remove them?
The ones with the bottom edges hidden in the substrate give the impression of mountains rising up. A couple have the edges showing which hurts the illusion. But it looks great, have fun fine tuning it!!!
The plants will soon over take those rocks. It won't be strong enough visually to matter in the tank. It needs more drama.

In terms of personality, it's a Milhouse and not Bart.

Keep in mind that you're a stage designer. You need to set up your sets to show them off as characters.
i agree. thats a tall tank. Make more of a hill. stand them up vertically?

just suggestions.

Good luck
Hard to tell from the pics, but do you have a slope front to back built in? If not, it'd help you get some needed height.

+1 on the rocks being too low, even the lowest growing plants will completely overwhelm them.

If they aren't a good shape to stand vertically, they might do well stacked on a steep slope. Nowhere near the same style as you've got now, but I'd be tempted to try building a broken cliff face on the left leaving the right mostly open negative space.
I also think they should be stood up.

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Yeah I will try to make them a bit more vertical. I did make a slope but its hard to notice in the pics. I agree I want height and I have a piece of driftwood as well if needed but not too sure how to incorporate it if needed.
What about this look?


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I like it!

The rocks in the back were a distraction.
I stood more rocks up vertically. It's the most height I could get without getting drastic. The AS is 3 to 3.5 inches in the back so I didn't want to go much thicker. I know it looks small but in person I think it actually looks pretty cool. I made some slight adjustments from the last pictures, just basically raised the rocks a little more. It is my first rockscape so I'm proud of myself for that alone. I did start the DSM with HC so the rockscape is pretty much final. The tank looks big in photos but it really isn't that big, it's only an 8. The rocks also look bigger in person IMO. Once plants fill in, it should look pretty good....I hope!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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