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open top/temperature question

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do most of you have your tops open on your nano tanks? What temperature do you achieve with the top off? Mine is at about 77 or 76, is that warm enough for a planted nano tank?
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also, is evaporation a problem for you?
Evaporation is always a problem. Try to top if off every few days with a little bit of dechlorinated water to keep water level consistent.

Your temps seem fine. Just watch out for large temp swings. If you stay between the 72-80 range you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
I use a pipette to top off my picos, and a small cup to top off my nanos. I usually use water from an already established tank and just take a scoop from it and put it into the slowly evaporating open-top nano/pico.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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