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Open to opinions for new fish

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So I I've become able to buy a come more fish tanks, a 20 long and a 10g. I can't decide if I want to stock the tank with community fish, or if I want to divide the tanks, so I can get multiple male bettas. I really have come to take a liking to the bettas, but am nott sure what to do.
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You can divide the ten or the twenty for male bettas, but it would probably be more interesting to keep a sorority of 5-10 female bettas in the 20 long. A ten is on the small size for a community (in my opinion, you can't really have more than 2 fish species in a 10), but the 20 long could work for a community of small fish and may even be able to have a school of fish in addition to the sorority if you went that route.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'm planning to stay away from sorority tanks as I just had one. I really like male bettas, and would love to give as many bettas as possible a good home. I seem to have become obsessed with them.
Are you posting from a phone with autocomplete on? I'm having a hard time understanding your posts lol

If you're asking about how to divide up your tanks to house a bunch of male bettas, then that's pretty easy to do- I'd just be VERY careful to make those dividers strong, secure, and make sure they run all the way up to the lid of the tank to prevent the males from jumping into each others' sections to fight.
Yes and sorry about that, sometimes I don't catch all the mistakes. I was just asking around on what others thought I could do. Which was either make a community tank, or divide them for multiple male bettas.
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