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So Monday during the early afternoon I did my tank maintenance, and while doing the water change I ran my Emperors which normally only run when light/CO2 is off (they run on opposing timers). This way, the Emperors don't have problems starting up later. After I was done, I switched my power strip (the Day/Night kind) back.

I also did a full 50% trim on my Anacharis and hacked up the other plants as well. I re-planted the trimmed tops of the Anacharis as always, except the parts that had some BBA on them.

Anyway, Tuesday morning I looked at my drop checker and it was yellow (very pale or light yellow). I had never seen it yellow before, just green - it has 5KH water in it. I could not understand it or what in the heck had changed. So I turned down the CO2 a bit, although it wasn't over-injecting at all (from the bubble counters, etc). The fish seemed unusual behavior.

I checked the PH via two test kits and it was at 6.4 for both. Never had it lower then 6.8-ish. My water out of the tap is 7.6. 10PM, I got up for work and looked at the tank and it hit me...I had not changed the timed power strip back properly and had left it in the "ON" position, instead of "AUTO" which is timer controlled.

So basically the CO2 had run continuously since the work I did Monday, and the tank never got its overnight aeration from the Emperors Monday evening into Tuesday morning.

Needless to Anacharis and all other plants grew totally back the 50% etc that I trimmed on Monday already in the past 24 hours....amazing growth. Fish are far none died and I did not see any gasping at the top at all.

So I guess I can just laugh about this one. Sorry for the length of this...I wanted to explain it properly.
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