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Hello TPT!! It's almost Christmas and you still haven't gotten that special gift for that special someone (or even yourself) yet... well, look no further. You have 3 days to order some of my AWESOME Shrimp for a 1 time only SALE!

Here's what's available:

note: **All shrimp are unsexed due to age.

Extreme BKK Taiwan Bee (Black Diamond): $45/shrimp or buy 5 get 1 BKK (2 bar) FREE

Extreme Ruby Red Taiwan Bee (Red Diamond): $40/shrimp or buy 5 get 1 regular Ruby Red FREE

Super Blue Bolts : $80/shrimp

Black King Kong (BKK) and Ruby Red **you will get a good mix of all 3 grades below, excluding Extremes** - $30/shrimp ** **Xmas SALE ONLY!**
These pictures show you all the different grades.
Example 1bar BKK:

Example 2bar Ruby Red:

Mixed grade BKK - this just means the stripes aren't as uniform as the others

SSS grade (This pic shows other grades as well but you can clearly see the SSS) - $10/shrimp or buy 10 get one FREE

USPS EXPRESS - $30 w/ DOA Guarantee
Important note: DOA claim will only be valid if a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp are taken inside the untampered Kordon bag within 2hrs of delivery confirmation. DOA will be void if for some reason you were not able to receive the package on the first delivery attempt. Shipping price is non refundable.

USPS Priority - $10 (DOA Policy is VOID with this option)

Heat packs are available upon request $1.50 each You can also request "Hold for Pickup" as an option if weather is an issue in your area, or if your mail comes late in the day. With this option your post office will call you as soon as they receive the package, for pickup. To choose this option, you must let me know prior to shipping.


** For all California buyers: all California Sales tax is included in the purchase price. **

**Please do your homework before you buy shrimp you've never kept before. Some require very specific water parameters. I will not be held accountable for shrimp that don't survive in your tank after they have arrived to you in good shape.

PM me if you'd like to place an order or have specific questions.

Thanks for looking folks,

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