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Have been using distilled water along/w tap in my tanks.
After a discussion here on a thread I have decided to do without the distilled water. I had been using MGSO4 to compensate for the distilled.
So I should change back to all tap, but this takes time to complete.
I changed it slowly and will do it to change back. No large water changes. So by changing only 25% each week but using only 4
weeks the water should be all tap...correct ?
At this time I will test to see what the GH is( have no kit now) but will eliminate the MGSO4 till I do that test. This should also clear the water of any of it. I use three basic Macros...KNO3/K2SO4/KH2PO4 plus now
the MGSO4. I recently added CaSO4 cause I was told it needed to be there to balance the Magnesium I think. For the plants.
So when I eliminate the MGSO4 till the test, do I still need the CaSO4 ?
I have no Millers/GH boosters or etc that I use other than the three ferts I listed.
I do NOT have a heavily panted tank.
I do NOT want fast plant growth.
I just do want good healthy plants.
So I've been using a reduced version of "EI low light/weekly" @ once a week using these...
1/8 tsp KNO3...1/16 tsp K2SO4...1/32 tp KH2PO4 after water change.
1 ml Flourish Comprehensve..5ml Tetra Pride the next day.
Excel @ 2x recommended dose daily.
Plus I had been adding MGSO4 and just did one dose of CaSO4 so far.
Basically don't know if I should do this in both tanks or wait on the other one till the results are in on the first one.
2 tanks @ 10g but no other similarities. one has a few shrimp and that is my first one to do this in as the second one has many RCS in it.
In another thread someone just mentioned that there is a steep learning curve at the beginning of planted tanks...I have just been through the
part where you might think "if some is good, then a lot might work even better" so I do have a couple of damaged plants and the rest are new(mostly) so I don't know if that's important to this.
The plants do need Calcium so do I continue the CaSO4 during the water change ?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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