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One of my best CRS..

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One of my best grade CRS..:tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
Really high grade...double hino with on entry sign,,big Maru(Eye) foot...white moustache and white tail...dark red eye...:tongue:
Here is the reason of why this one is the best
Never lose the coloration and never die..

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Nice coloration, but looks lonely. It looks like a huge BB tank, with no decor. :tongue:
Forgot to show you where he lives....
Really lonely baby...:tongue:
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hahah even better than the one in your sig!!

Did you make it or buy it, why is it in a Pokeball?

hi Kangshian thanks for the nice shrimp, will buy some more soon. BTW where can I get one of these do they sell them around Rrosemead?
ill give u 10k for it! hahhaha thats the rarest CRS type ive seen!
hahahahah~~thanks everyone....that's the only one I have and is one of my friend special made for me....
If anyone interested, maybe I could ask if he would like to make some more...
But I actually don't know how much is that cost.....
Maybe we could do a group buy.......anyone has any other idea??

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I really want one really bad:(

Lol sorry for whining ;) It's just so cool
nice 1 year old thread bump...
Any babies yet?:)
All identical twins of the parent.

All have been sold I believe?

LOL... out of curiosity I seached eBay and found this "Flame Shrimp"
I think it's cheaper than yours, hotter, and much more "hardier"

btw, the seller said it's RARE too! ;)
And hes in HK. Must be a new breed.

Pay him $323413427231 for it!!!!

I think that it is soooooo cruel to keep that beautiful shrimp in an ecosphere. :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
I think that it is soooooo cruel to keep that beautiful shrimp in an ecosphere. :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
i agree that thing is waaaaaay too small! i dunno how he stays alive in that thing.

btw what kind of food do you feed it? lol that thing is awesome. i wouldn't mind hearing about what happened with the group buy? i wouldnt mind some of those special shrimps hanging around in my house/tank :D
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