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One of my bamboo shrimp randomly died. Really weird.

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Really weird because my baby cherry shrimp are thriving :\ Oh well, still have my big momma bamboo shrimp.
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Lack of food? Since they are filter feeders? Did you feed it with a syringe?
Eh... my other bamboo shrimp isn't starving. I feed with crushed flake food, algae wafers and another fish food called tetra color. It's a fine powder when I'm done crushing it and when I put it in the tank I put it in front of my powerhead to make sure it gets blasted right at the bamboo shrimp.
How long have you had it? They only live for 1-2 years.
thats a shame :-(. knowing how well you keep your tanks i would say it had to be age, but i really have no idea. maybe you had amomia spike? i just had one in my shrimp tank that has been running for 4months
I had 2 bamboo shrimps for over 6 months one die two days after a successful molt.
May be the stress killed him.
The second one is alive sits on java fern branches in front of the water exiting from the external filter and feeds himself.
I feed him n other tank inhabitants Tetra pro color crushed to powder, Mosura baby, Tetra min baby fish powder.
In addition other shrimps get Shirakura ebidama, Mosura Spinach and barley.
Sadly, I had one of mine die the other day. I got them second hand so I don't know how old they were, but it still hurt to see it go. I will definitely get more. They're really enjoyable to have in the tank.
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