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Is this a Mini-M or 45P? Nice job, the hardscape is really nice. The stems at the back look a bit too big though. Either in need of a trim or I would swap them out for something smaller.

They will be trimmed soon. Keep in mind the tank is only 5 weeks old buddy ;)

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coming along nicely! will look great when the grass grows in,I really like it.the red stems really set it off.Are those rotala rotundfolia?
Thank you! The red really adds a nice contrast to the whole aquarium. I'm really not sure what they are to be honest. The leaves completely changed size and shape when I put them in. I've seen leaves change a bit when introduced to a new tank, but these have a completely different morphology now. However, they retained their nice red color, and are even more red now that their growth is really starting to take off!
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