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One by one shrimp dying

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So I have a 10-gallon tank that's been set up for over six months.
Lately, I've been having one cherry shrimp die a night for the last 5 ish nights.
My tank is planted, Fluval stratum and usually it kept my ph around 6.4 but lately my ph is testing around 5. GH is around 75 ppm, Kh at 0 (because of the substrate)
No nitrites, almost no nitrates, and 0.3 ammonia. I run low co2 to keep the plants growing 1 bubble every 4/5 seconds.

I am not sure if it's the ph and slight ammonia that's now showing up, that's slowly killing the shrimp. But I had them in the tank for weeks before this started happening.

Is there anything I can do to save the rest of the shrimp from dying off one by one? I have tried to investigate why they're dying off and haven't come up with anything.

I have another tank that runs the same in a 5 gallon and haven't had any losses of yellow neocardina's that I have. The only difference between the two tanks is which plants are stocked.
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There are many opinions on shrimp and water parameters. I would look up breeding guides on the web and collect recommendations for specific shrimp types. I keep shrimp but cannot say I am an expert even though they are 2+ years old with no death. Start with this link. Guide: How to Breed Shrimp - Shrimp and Snail Breeder This article impressed me because of how complete it is. If you run around to the different shrimp selling websites, each will have their own opinion, so I will not recommend any. Some of them offer breeding sets and those places usually are the best ones to both buy and seek advice from.

If the tank was mine I would toss a couple of small NON medicated Wonder Shell in there to bring up the calcium and pH to a range favoring shrimp exoskeleton creation. Read about Wonder Shell here: Wonder Shell Aquarium Mineral Blocks - AAP | Disease Preventative

Wonder shell is widely available at most stores. I like to fund this person because of all the information he maintains on his site for our hobby. Due to the sheer volume of information some of it is his opinion and can be out of date and controversial.
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