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on my way to a planted tank now :)

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well what started off as an amazon theme tank is slowly turning in to what i hope for a planted tank

i added more plants today and am very happy with how its looking im going to try and keep it low tech with minimal light as i currently only have 76 watts on it which is how i like it not too bright but light enough to bring out the colour of the fish and the plants seem to be doing fine with new growth already after only 1 week

new plants added today are the large java fern and anubius nana
also my water lettuce have trebled in the space of 2 weeks also

i am using no co2 and no ferts at all and substrate is sand which should spell disaster straight away but so far as said its doing ok so im happy

plans are

more anubius on the wood in centre
possibly some mosses to the wood also so it dont look such a hugh centre piece
some crypto wendtii (brown) for the front
maybe some jungle vallis for the back

im also going to remove the oak leaves and branches and clean the substrate of all the bits of leaves

and might try a riccia carpet at the front

eventually i migh go over to co2 and more lighting depending on how far i go with the tank

anyway enough writing here is some pics and a video

does anyone know what these eggs are off im taking a guess at my cory's ??

also im thinking of re-arranging the wood in the centre as i think it looks a little too much but then other times i look at it and think it suits
whats your thoughts ?

heres the video

comments welcome :)
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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