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Plant Light Botany Leaf Vegetation

Crappy pic. Had to fiddle with brightness.
Re-worked this tank few days ago.
It was previously planted with R. 'Hongkong' and stuffs but I like syns so..

Filters: HOB filter and surface skimmer
Lighting: Probably 100+ PAR at substrate. It is very yellow in person. Turns on at 11AM, turns off whenever I go to sleep.
Substrate: Few months old AS. Some nutrient left.
CO2: About 1.2 bps through diffuser. For 15L this is very high. Turns on at 10AM, turns off whenever I go to sleep.
Water params: pH is very low. I didn't measure for this tank, but my 32g is somewhere at low 6 before CO2..and this tank is set up similarly. 2~3 dKH. Similar GH.
Ferts: EI level macros + 0.1 ppm Fe traces. Half dose after WC. Half divided into 7 and dosed daily.
Waterchange: Plan to do 80% once each week with tap. Tank is very small and I tend to go even higher. I am one of those people who is blessed with minimal N+super soft tap.
Plants: Ludwigia senegalensis, Syngonanthus macrocaulon, Glossostigma elatinoides.
Stocking: None. Thinking about betta for now. But it'll have to wait for summer to pass.

Current objective:
1. Record progress each week. I am usually terrible at these journal type thing. Hopefully I won't forget this time lol.
2. Drop temp: Lighting is main culprit here. It and my PC heats up the entire room for few degree. Water temp is reading 28~29C. Some ice cubes will do the trick I think.
3. Monitor algae: Especially GDA. It plagued me whenever I try EI + High light with long photoperiod. For now it is clean.

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Old setup. 0 ferts only AS.
Planted with R. "Hongkong", R. "Pearl", R. ramosior "sunset", Ranunculus inundatus, Lobelia cardinalis "mini", HC "cuba".
Cuba melted because I mindlessly ODed on glutaraldehyde. It was bouncing back but..nah.
Also R. inundatus went super invasive so I just ditched it. It was literally taking over entire tank.

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Well this happened...

As always GDA infestation struck once again
Plants are doing well except syns. Dunno why but they are struggling.
Most got some sort of black slimy algae on leaf margin. Some are melting from center. Some are recovering I think.
Whenever syns struggle I get cyano on them and this is no exception. Smells like crap.

Syns do amazingly under EI. Dunno why they hate me this time.
Might switch out to new stems see how they do since I have endless supply from my 32g. Wait a month and you get 30+ tops.

Glossos are sending out runners quickly. Carpets are always easy under EI with high lighting and CO2.
Some old leaves aren't doing that great. Tank is not really "balanced" at all so can't really expect much eh?


L. senegalensis is flowering up under rich ferts. Sending out many sideshoots from each nodes.
Didn't do that well under previous leaner dosing. Most ludwigia are pigs.

It ditched older leaves tho..usually happens when environment suddenly changes.
Trim and replanting top will fix that quickly.


I was curious how well macrandra will do under rich ferts. So I planted a stem from my 32g.
(you can really see how syns are doing in this pic. Some are melting, some have cyano, some are doing ok-ish)

To my surprise it really took off. Much richer red and larger leaves.
It just stunted whenever I dosed high ferts before..but back then I was using chelated micro mix. Now I don't.
Some necrotic patches on leaves tho. Might be related to ferts, might not be related to ferts.
We'll see how it does after it roots itself down.

Temp is still bit high but it is manageble. Whether is cooler lately.
Less photoperiod with open window did help.
If it looks too high then I throw in couple of ice cubes.
Might get betta sooner then I thought. Weather is crazy these days.

To do
1. Look out for syns. If they do not recover then trach them and replant new healthy stems.
If they still struggle then I might switch them to macrandra given how amazing they look here.

2. Do something for GDA. To be honest nothing worked for me so I'll probably get pleco or sth..dunno.
Might reduce photoperiod but that usually only slows it down.

3. Trim and replant L. senegalensis.

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Plant Plant community Botany Terrestrial plant Natural landscape

40L neglect tank

No CO2
Philips "plant grow" lamp
Ferts whenever I feel like it
Substrate akadama (basically same CEC to AS but no nutrients.)
WC don't bother...maybe once a month
I leave floaters alone until they cover entire surface. They stack layers and layers on top of themselves and eventually die off. Then I throw them out.

Unknown moss I got, random buce and anubias. And Microsorum.
Plus some rogue stems of H.tripartita and other random trimmings I throw at. Absolutely 0 maintenance.

1 female apisto agassizii
1 male Dicrossus filamentosa
Few amanos and neocaridina
1 oto...although I think its dead...oops.
Minimum algae.

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Plant Flower Light Nature Leaf

Main 120L (32 gallons)
Supposed to be the showpiece tank
But I change up my ferts every month or so and don't give plants time to adjust.
so most of the time it looks pretty bad and scuffed.
Also I suck at scaping and making a tank look good.

Lighting should be around 130PAR at substrate. Local LED lighting called Plantslight Solar.

Substrate is aquario Neo aquasoil. Its local. Its good. I think it sells overseas too. I planted some Osmocote+ root tabs under some root feeders.

CO2 is rich with high current and flow throughout.

Ferts...i try out all sorts of different amounts and ratios so hard to tell at one point. I recently reverted back to "normal" EI from dennis wong style lean dosing with high P.

For plants I lean towards Eriocaulaceae and other softwater stems.

Plant Plant community Vertebrate Fish supply Pet supply

It is housing 2:1 dicrossus filamentosa and 1 angel.
I tend to stock my tanks lightly.
Just bought some baby ancis. Just 2~3cm. Very cute.

This tanks is pretty well balanced. Most of the problems are manageble with tweaks to dosings....except GDA.
Lets see how ancis do..if they do well then I'll chug one in 15L.

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Plant Grass Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant Groundcover

No more syns.
Only few of them were slowly recovering so got rid of them. Maybe after things balance out..
Trimmed few stems of variegated macrandra, Myriophyllum "guyana", Lobelia cardinalis mini from 120L and planted here.
Got TC Cuphea anagalloidea for 120L and planted some leftovers here also.

Also I got fish in!
You can see baby bristlenose behind skimmer. Once he gets large I'll put him in 120L.
I might have to get some food for him. Algae is nowhere near severe now (or maybe he is obliterating them who knows)
There are some persisting algae on older glosso leaves tho. Dunno what they are. They look similar to ones plagued syns before I yanking them out.

Bird Plant Beak Grass Feather

Always wanted a samurai so got one.
He is being a good boy (or gal...pretty sure its a male) and leaving bristlenose alone.
I'm thinking chugging in some amanos. Might work. Might be quick snack.

Flower Plant Terrestrial plant Houseplant Grass

Just got some Pogostemon "Sindhudurg". Pretty sure you guys call this P."heidelberg" or something.
I did not expect much from this plant but it looks absolutely phenomenal.
Leaves are curled because I just unpacked and planted. Its normally horizontal.

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Plant Plant community Terrestrial plant Vegetation Sunlight

Update for last week

Lot of interesting things happened. No change in dosing, CO2, WC, and temperature.

Macrandra is doing well. But it is more orange than red and showing some B deficiency. At least its growing..
Cuphea is doing OK. It need more stems to look good. Some stems near myrio melted away.
Myrio 'guyana' just melted away for some reason.
L. senegalensis is stunted badly. Never seen this plant stunting. This plant was always easy for me.
It did really well at severe imbalance and algae breakout previously.....and its doing this now.
Mini lobelia and glosso are doing good. There are some melting issues on glossos as well but its not bad.
Also GDA came back. At least pleco eats up some.

I should move senegalensis to my 120L to see whether it comes back.

I don't understand why things doesn't work out for this tank.
It has the same doing/WC scheme and AS to 120L (which is running smoothly for now..), better circulation and CO2 and surface agitation.
There must be something going on here...

Tomorrow: Do WC. Remove melting plants.
Move L. senegalensis to 120L. Replant some other plant in place.

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Plant Light Leaf Vegetation Grass

Update for last week

Large percentage water change on day after the last post. It caused severe clouding.
After that some plants didn't do so well.

Changed my Carbon filter.

Did WC and major trim yesterday. Everything normal.

L. senegalensis un-stunted itself. I did not trim tops.
Nothing changed again. This is what made me to believe something other then ferts or Co2 or other usual suspect is off.
It was nearing surface so trimmed and replanted healthy tops.

Variegated macrandra grew to the surface with impressive leaf sizes.
It did get more red although lower leaves kinda melted away and some string algae was growing.
It was beautiful, but I tossed it and planted few giant heads of syn instead.
Why?...bc I like syns. Macrandra is my second favorite plant. Syns are the first.

Cuphea stunted all of a sudden.
It is in lythranceae family so quite temperamental...but again I did not change anything.
Just trimmed stunted tops and waiting how it turns out.

Got rid of dissolved Myrio "guyana" and planted TC Ludwigia inclinata "white" in place.
First timer. I know it is "advanced" plant..but its still ludwigia.
It hasn't transitioned yet. Just starting to send off tip of new shoot.
After it transitions I tend to trim lower emersed parts and plant only submersed portions.

Plant Terrestrial plant Vegetation Grass Groundcover

Also Got my hands on Erio "king crimson". Planted few of them in front of cuphea.
Had good success with this plant at 120L. Hope they doesn't get smothered via glosso.
This plant really needs high CO2. Most CO2 demanding plant I've ever kept.

Glosso and mini lobelia are doing great. I trimmed some glosso runners because it was running wild.

GDA is there..but not that severe. I kinda smell cyano faintly. At least I don't see it.

Now, watching plants suffering from WCs (first senegalensis, second cuphea) I was fairly certain that something was off with my water.
I use sediment and carbon filter. Carbon filter was pretty old so I bought a new one and replaced it.

After that I did WC again and it did not cause clouding.
And it seems like plants are not struggling..for now.

Fish are fine. They are eating well and pooping well.
I throw in a mini algae wafer from time to time.

To do:
1. Observe whether cuphea produces healthy tops.
2. Make sure erio does not get smothered by glosso.
3. Clean CO2 diffuser.
4. Feed fish.

Water Plant Pet supply Fish supply Fin

Mr. betta

Oh and one snail managed to sneak in. Probably from 120L.
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