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On-desk 15L nano

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Plant Light Botany Leaf Vegetation

Crappy pic. Had to fiddle with brightness.
Re-worked this tank few days ago.
It was previously planted with R. 'Hongkong' and stuffs but I like syns so..

Filters: HOB filter and surface skimmer
Lighting: Probably 100+ PAR at substrate. It is very yellow in person. Turns on at 11AM, turns off whenever I go to sleep.
Substrate: Few months old AS. Some nutrient left.
CO2: About 1.2 bps through diffuser. For 15L this is very high. Turns on at 10AM, turns off whenever I go to sleep.
Water params: pH is very low. I didn't measure for this tank, but my 32g is somewhere at low 6 before CO2..and this tank is set up similarly. 2~3 dKH. Similar GH.
Ferts: EI level macros + 0.1 ppm Fe traces. Half dose after WC. Half divided into 7 and dosed daily.
Waterchange: Plan to do 80% once each week with tap. Tank is very small and I tend to go even higher. I am one of those people who is blessed with minimal N+super soft tap.
Plants: Ludwigia senegalensis, Syngonanthus macrocaulon, Glossostigma elatinoides.
Stocking: None. Thinking about betta for now. But it'll have to wait for summer to pass.

Current objective:
1. Record progress each week. I am usually terrible at these journal type thing. Hopefully I won't forget this time lol.
2. Drop temp: Lighting is main culprit here. It and my PC heats up the entire room for few degree. Water temp is reading 28~29C. Some ice cubes will do the trick I think.
3. Monitor algae: Especially GDA. It plagued me whenever I try EI + High light with long photoperiod. For now it is clean.
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If you think of this journal as a notebook/diary to record all of your observations you'll be more likely to keep up with it. It's a great form of long-term note storage too.
I always look back for notes on light, CO2, ferts, etc. It helps diagnose problems, I can look back at a previous version and ask "What was I doing differently?"
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