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Hi, has any of you seen, or heard, about Clamp-on metal halide kit ( from Ominma?

The blurb is:
Modular and easy to install MaxPAR system

You can easily install and expand your lighting system to best match your needs. You can now combine 6500K and 10000K or 20000K lamps to provide ideal PAR levels. The kit includes all you need to set up a state of the art metal halide lamp.
The kit includes:
- Iwasaki 150W PAR36 6500K, 10000K or 20000K Lamp
- Haqos clamp-on metal halide housing
- Vossloh-Schwabe electronic ballast, German made, completely silent and cool running
- 5 year manufacturer's warranty covering the housing and electronic ballast
- 3-core 1mm2 silicone mains cable
This kit produces optimal conditions for maximum coral growth!

Did you used it, or have some information about it? I am looking for the Par on these lamps, and would like to know what is the best colour for a planted tank, freshwater.

They have 6500k, 10000k, 20000k and 50000k.

I would think that the 6500k would be the one with a better match, but I don't know enough about metal halides to be sure.
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