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Omg Their breeding!

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My rasboras are breeding (The girl is turning upside down on the bottom of my luwiga and the boy is wrapping himself around her) but their going to eat the eggs because i dont have a seperate tank to put them in! So do i just forget about it and let them eat the eggs or what do i do!?!
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maybe its a good idea to get breeding box... congrats anyway...
MAKE a breeder box out of a plastic disposable cup. That's what I'm doing now with my Endler fry. Take a cup and a needle and a lighter, heat the needle (be careful) and poke, um, maybe 35 holes in it (so small that the fry can't get out) and then chip-clip it to the side of the tank. It works, as you still get the heat and filtration, but will little or now casualties from the fry. Hope I helped!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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