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omg i hope i dont screw it up ADA 60p

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so i tried out the 60f sometime ago and while its great for certain things, I learned that it didn't have the height I wanted to really get a good tank going. I succeeded in getting the 60f going in an iwagumi style but after some neglect and my whole HC bed floating to the top, i decied i wanted to try again.

so ill try and keep this journal up to document my progress and to see what you all think and what i should do should i encounter any problems.

ADA 60p
Finnex RAY II
Eheim 2215 w/2217 impeller

ADA Power Sand
ADA Aqua Soil
ADA Aqua Soil Fine
Tom Barr's selection of manzanita wood
a bunch of plants from fellow TPT members that are going to be arriving this week. ill list them when they get here.

so i remember last time, i always rushed the scape and never really let it sit to see if i REALLY liked it. that was the first issue i had with the 60f. even after planting, a few weeks later id tear it down to redo it.

my yorkie not caring for the wood at all

and my first try with scaping and wood
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