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Sale: 10% off food orders of $20+ before shipping. Discount ends January 18 (Friday).

Why pay a ton for imported stuff when you can get terrific foods from a fellow hobbyist?

It's all tough to make, isn't cheap and all of it is grown and/or formulated by me by hand. In fact, I grind everything into meals and powders with a mortar and pestle:

Below are the foods and supplements I'm offering to TPT. Some will be sold by weight, some by volume (which ever is cheaper for the buyer).


Loaded with organic spinach, vitamins, minerals - 15 ingredients in all. Specially formulated for both Neos and Crystal shrimp. Holds up under water for several days. Won't cloud your tank or alter parameters. Great for coloration, shell strength and general nutrition. I now feed this a few times per week when I'm not feeding Repashy products and fresh veggies.

  • 40 grams (this is a lot - standard 2oz container won't hold it all) for $18
  • New Size - 20 grams for $10

A look at just how much you get:

Here it is fresh:

My Cherries attacking:

PRLs attacking:

This stuff is at a premium in part because the ingredients are expensive and I don't believe you'll be able to get anything like it in the states. Sure, the Asian products are great but they're neither fresh nor controlled by an uptight health nut like myself (they're also more expensive). Can almost promise they're not spending three days making their products by hand in limited amounts. My success, the testing, photos and video tell you all you need to know.

The other foods & supplements I'm offering because I want shrimp nerds to have access to high-quality items without paying the fancy price.


My pelletized Organic Barley for sale only to TPT members.

It's made from dried, organic (certified by the state - not USDA, as I missed my final visit last year over scheduling issues - maybe this year) barley straw pressed into pellet form with my fancy extruder.

  • 50 grams by weight - $4


Similar to Stout. This one ounce container holds a bit more than the regular variety.

Here's a look:

  • 1oz by volume - $10

Includes a spoon. Feed no more than your shrimp can consume in a 24-hour period. Feed no more than 2-3 times per week tops. This is not a daily feed, contrary to what many other manufacturers suggest.


This is my all-time favorite baby/shrimplet food.

  • 1 oz by volume - $10

This one ounce container holds a ton of food. Feed very sparingly when there are shrimplets in your tank. Promotes more solid coloration and stable growth of juvenile shrimp.

Spoon included.


This is very similar to other products intended to increase redness - but a bit better, in my opinion and research/development. If you want to know why my standard Cherry Shrimp are so red (check the 20L journal)? This supplement is the secret.

  • Half Ounce by volume - $10

I pack these half ounce containers full, press them down, add a silica packet, then add some more. Probably end up getting more product than you do the fancy stuff.

Includes a spoon. Dose very sparingly, no more than once per week. No more than half a spoon per 10 gallons of water under any circumstance - start with less. Shouldn't be dosed as heavily as similar products, as this is more concentrated and much more fresh. This will raise your GH a tiny bit for a few hours.


Similar to other products on the market geared toward whiteness in Crystal shrimp. A tiny amount goes a really long way. Also beneficial for other types of shrimp when it comes to shell development.

  • Half Ounce by volume - $10

All supplements - Red Shrimp, Strong Shrimp, White Shrimp - and even Shrimplet Growth are available in sample containers for $2 (sold only with other purchase).

As you can see in this photo below, I don't make a lot:

That silly packaging is just for TPT members. Took forever to get a good shot of one of my critters that was suitable for editing and photoshopping a chef's hat on.

Also available...

Jake's Veggie Sticks With Extra Calcium

Similar to other sinking veggie sticks but with (now) 25%+ more calcium, 100% organic and grown by me - with the exception of seaweed and calcium powder. Decided to start making these because I feed on such a large scale that it's hundreds of times cheaper to make them myself with products I already have.

These are great for both shrimp and snails that need a bit more calcium in their diet for whatever reason. My critters swarm them and my feedback speaks for itself. Please note that these are not similar to Complete Veggie.

  • Half ounce portions are $3
  • One ounce portions are $6

Shipping for everything starts at $2 via USPS First Class Mail. $6 USPS Priority for larger orders.

SOLD - [STRIKE]New 20oz paintball tank
I've had it since August (filled) and it's remained unused. If you're local, I won't have to drain it and you can have it for much less. Hydro is good through August 2016.[/STRIKE]

[STRIKE]Will include two free refill packages (pictured) from Dick's, a package of both sizes of O rings, tubing if you want it.

  • $25 shipped

Private Message me to order.


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